Energizing Morning Yoga Flow 


It all started when...

you went to sleep. I know what you are thinking...sleep is suppose to the finish line, the end of everything- of stress, of thought,  just the end of your day. But alas, reality shows that the to-do list of the average adult or tenacious teen goes well past bed-time. Those haunting feelings of what did or did not get done or what new task needs to be added makes that never-ending to-do list just that; never-ending. Don't get me wrong, being determined is definitely not a flaw but waking up tired is.

Stress effects people in so many different ways. From the classic neck and shoulder pain to deeper lower back pain or general body soreness. Tossing and turning throughout the night cause the body to curl up into awkward fetal positions that can end up in pinched nerves and angry mornings. 

If you ever find yourself in the situation where your night has been an insanely long frustrating one and there are only a few minutes until you alarm goes off-you are not alone. The last thing on your mind is going to work or even moving for that matter.

That can all change with this simple vinyasa yoga flow. Vinyasa yoga is the connection of mind to the body. Starting on your hands and knees, warm up your lower back and spine. With every exhale feel tension leave your body and energy enter with a deep inhale. Detoxifying your mind mentally and physically waking up to a brand new day.

Take charge of your day one breath at a time and feel more focused and energized to get done whatever needs to get done.